If you're worried about what may happen to your photos, or just want to have a look at them when you are offline, InstaArchiver is the perfect tool for you. InstaArchiver provides an easy way to backup your Instagram™ photos to your computer. With a great user interface, you are just one click away from downloading your Instagram™ Photos and the Photos you Liked.

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Easy to use Your Instagram™ photos backup is just one click away. Click Backup and your Instagram™ photos will be quickly stored in your computer. Choose if you want to download your own photos or photos that you liked.

Incremental backup You don't need to download all your photos every time. InstaArchiver will only download the photos created since your last backup, saving time and your bandwidth.

Keep your photos safe Your photos can be downloaded to any folder in your computer. Combine this with a backup solution like TimeMachine or online services like Dropbox, and you can be sure your Instagram™ photos are safe.

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